Juggling performance ranging from 4 to 8 minutes

Bart Hoving isn’t just a guy who loves being on stage, he is also a multiple dutch juggling champion. To him juggling is like second nature, and in his show he lets the audience participate in his joy in sympathetic fashion.

In this act he skillfully throws clubs in the air and around his body with amazing precision. With his performance Bart already baffled over 100,000 spectators in over 60 cities in 17 countries. Whoever is looking for some energetic entertainment for his or her event, will find the perfect mix of performance and entertainment in this purebred performer.

Would you like to book Bart as a juggler for your event? Or do you have any other questions?
In that case, visiting his contact page might be a solid next step.


Audio system
Someone to run the audio system

Minimal stage dimensions: 3,5 m wide * 2,5 m deep * 3,5 m high
Good stage dimensions: 5 m wide * 3,5 m deep * 5 m high
Best stage dimensions: 6+ m wide * 4+ m deep * 6+ m high

Exceptions to these requirements can be made individually.